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Sort Photos easily with Photo Sorter Pro. This powerful photo sorter will sort, organize
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9 April 2008

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A frequent traveler doesn’t require much guidance on which airline or train to take or which cab service to go for as he/she already has enough experience to count on when it comes to planning for a trip. A good quality digital camera and video recorder are however very important to plan a good trip to have the memories saved forever in perfect picture and sound. Once these two things are in place, the trip is virtually secure. Once we have all the images extracted to the computer system post return, placing them in order to arranging them in sequence is a task that consumes time and energy and more so if the collection needs to be exported to a external medium like a CD. Photo Sorter Pro 3.74 is a facility that makes these tedious tasks easy for the user by sorting out the imagery.

Photo Sorter Pro opens with a interactive and neatly organized interface with the chief options placed at the top pane and multiple controls available for arranging images in proper order and sorting them easily. The program is easily customizable and works as per user discretion in sorting photos by date, camera model or simply by their size or any other sequence; and works easily on PC drives as well as CDs and DVDs and Flash drives or inside of notebook or RAR archives. The other rich features of this application include step by step wizard available for automatic working; and also supports multiple format tagging along with sorting all types of images available in all formats like JPEG, GIFF, BMP, PSD and many others. Further, the application is flexible enough to create a personalized collection.

Overall, Photo Sorter Pro 3.74 certainly helps the user to sort out photo collections easily and appositely and provides rich features for doing so and hence gets a rating of 3.5 points for its utility value.

Publisher's description

Sort Photos easily with Photo Sorter Pro. This powerful photo sorter will sort, organize and rename all your photos, fast and easy.
Photo sorting is easy as never:
Sort all your photos (all photos will be sorted, even of rare types), sort photos directly as you want (by creation date, by content, by camera model, by size or using any other photo sorting method you prefer), sort photos located anywhere (Photo Sorter Pro will sort your photos, located at any folder on your hard drive, CD and DVD disks, Flash drives, on your notebook or even inside of ZIP and RAR archives).
Your photo collection will be in ideal order with such powerful photo sorter as Photo Sorter Pro.
Key features:
* Sort all your photos (automatically) - all your photos will be sorted, fast and easy;
* Sort photos easily (with user-friendly step-by-step wizard);
* Sort photos fast (just download and run it to get all your photos sorted directly as you wants);
* Sort photos qualitative (with full EXIF, IPTC, TIFF, GPS tags support);
* Sort photos everywhere (inside of any folder, CD and DVD disk, notebook and network drive);
* Sort photos of all types (all photos will be sorted, including JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, PSD, BIN, ICO, GIF and HUNDREDS of other types);
* Sort photos at any location (no matter where photos are located - all they will be sorted, even inside of ZIP and RAR archives);
* Sort photos, made by your camera (all types of photo cameras are supported - Fuji, Canon, Kodak, Nikon and many others);
* Sort photos - how you want (by creation date, by creation time, by content, by camera model and many others - everybody will find photo sorting method for himself);
* Sort photos - somehow else (Photo Sorter Pro is very flexible - you may choose one of popular photo sorting methods or even easily create your own, unique photo sorting method);
Want your photo collection to be in ideal order? Then use Photo Sorter Pro.
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Photo Sorter Pro
Photo Sorter Pro
Version 3.74
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